About the site:

This site exists to provide a free and open platform for people around the world to discuss the capital markets. The vision was to provide a lightweight, yet resource rich multi-platform environment which would be constructive towards bringing out great discussions, great learning resources and a vehicle to make everyone enjoy their trading more.

A lot of time was dedicated into making this site, so I hope its resources do prove useful to everyone who stumbles across it. As it ages, I plan to constantly update it and make it more relevant with newer tools and features, but the original premise will always be the same:

1.) The site will always be free to use.
2.) All are always welcome.
3.) User experience will always be at the forefront.
4.) Users will always have freedom to their opinions.
I believe that these qualities alone will be sufficient to ensure the growth of a great community and look forward to having you all as part of that community. If you do enjoy using this and feel that it benefits you, then please do help us grow by spreading the words,

Much Love,